Book Three: Boston

Blood, Bar Rags, and Bended Knee

Chapter 1

Song of the game:

The day started out with a phone call just before dawn that both Elena and Jay received separately, telling them about a crime scene at the Fountain. They arrived and recognized each other, began to investigate in coordination, much to the chagrin of Kristoff, who kept insisting that Jay, being on probation, shouldn’t be there. They discovered that the Demigod Content Not Found: esther-3 was dead in the fountain. Jay called Ezra to let him know. They investigated the scene for a time and found that she had been both slashed with bladed weapons and shot with a high caliber gun.

At the same time, Emily and Spook had begun their day, preparing sandwiches before heading off to school. They strolled by the Restaurant District at the insistence of Spook, who went straight for the back of the Yellow Door. There they encountered Charlie, and as they chatted, Ezra strolled up. Charlie and Ezra started snarking at each other, before he got a phone call and excused himself momentarily. When he returned he let them know the news that Esther had been killed. He insisted that Emily stay with Charlie for the day and skip school, and Emily followed Charlie into the kitchen to begin preparing micro greens.

Meanwhile, not far away, Hugo was starting his day doing construction, encountering some rather mean coworkers, when Marco wandered up and began to chat him up. Hugo reluctantly talked to him for a while before returning to work, when his coworkers insisted on him going to get them bagels. As he walked by Marco’s garden, Marco followed him again. They went into a Dunkin Donuts, where Marco proceeded to rant and rave about a variety of issues spanning from the necessity of daily food to the constructs of society. Finally it culminated in them leaving, but not before Marco smashed a bucket full of change on the ground and then pushed a bunch of quarters at their cashier, telling her to go to college.

XP: 3



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