Book Three: Boston

What do YOU believe in?

Chapter 4

Song of the game:

Elena and Jay headed to the coffee shop to meet with Elena’s contacts from the morgue, who were creepy and gross zombie dudes.

Charlie, Hugo, Marco, and Emily headed back to the restaurant. Charlie had some meeting with an unspecified person, so Emily and Hugo and Marco waited outside and chatted.
The woman showed up- she appeared to have some special quality but we couldn’t quite tell what. She identified herself as Callie, and went in for her meeting with Charlie. Spook ran down, Emily ran after him. That got everyone an invite to the meeting.

Callie chatted with the group, but Charlie was rather hostile towards her and was demanding something that she should have had from Ezra. She let everyone know that the demigods wouldn’t be around for some time.

Elena and Jay investigated the powdered remains of Esther, who had spontaneously turned to dust. They determined that this would perhaps be something that happened if someone’s soul was transferred from one God to another, and it was known that Hades was responsible for Esther’s death. They assumed that maybe Hades had possession over Esther now, but to what end, no one is sure.

Charlie went after Callie, hoping to get her fix, and they had sexy weird encounters. Drugs were gotten.

Elena and Jay took a cab to meet the group, just as a couple of Frost Giants rolled into the Yellow Door. Spook turned into a giant werekitty beast and was fighting them and losing, so Emily ran in to save him (derp). Everyone else ran in and fought them, finally putting them down. Finally, Charlie torched the place as they all left.



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