The Vampiric Prince of Boston. A Titian Spawn.


Lion-like facial features with long, straight, sharp horns. Sig has symmetrical tattooed sleeves of thistle and thorn up his arms. A large part of his legend surrounds his ability with a long sword.

“He stood before them and dropped the cloth wrapped about his head, his majesty of beast, a maw that humbled.”

- Terrance Woodgrove
The Bell Scrolls

Sig, or “the Swordsman”, to most. Sig is one of two Titian spawn representatives at the summit of Wine and Roses. Having made a name for himself as an “old blooded” titian he rules, and it is complicated, the realm of Boston. In Book 2: Rain Dogs he was praised for his temperance and mercy with a group of mortals that threatened divine power.


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Book Three: Boston Venskus