Summit of Wine and Roses

10 years ago a war was waged in Boston. Book I: Saint Botolph’s town documents the fall of this city from Titan rule. Rising to it’s current state in the hands of the “true” gods.

The end of the war was made official when James May “Saint Jimmy” yielded his army to Martine Row in the middle of the “Orchard”.

Terms of surrender were debated about for months. Finally summarized in the “Saw treaty”, and further detailed in the Summit of Wine and Roses…

Every 10 years the following will be debated (per the treaty and at the summit)

  1. No Titian, Titian Spawn, or Orphaned Scion may meet in groups larger then 2. (This was a rule imposed on the Scion’s by the former Titian rule).
  2. No relics will be bought, sold, or made in the city of Boston.
  3. Of the 5 offices held to oversee Boston (God, Judge, Constable, Herald, and General) no fewer then 1 will be held by a Titian, or Titian Spawn.
  4. Any declarations of war, or discussion about war will be legally aloud without punishment during the summit.
  5. The Summit will be overseen by the God of Boston, 3 titians, and 3 Scions (The Statued Throne). These Scions and Titians will be from outside of Boston, and will simply act as moderator. Only the God of Boston has official power amongst the “Statued Throne”
  6. The Summit will take no more then 7 days.

Summit of Wine and Roses

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